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Property Settlement During a Divorce

Nicholas Pastro

The JPLegal team acted for the husband in relation to his family law property settlement after separating from his wife of over 25 years.

The parties owned several investment properties in addition to their family home. We negotiated a settlement whereby the wife retained the family home whilst the husband would retain the investment properties.

We were also able to identify the significant Capital Gains Tax issues that the husband would bear responsibility for at some time in the future if and when he chose to sell the properties. 

We ensured our client maximised his entitlements pursuant to family law issues but were also diligent in obtaining specialised tax advice from our accountant to crystallise the tax liabilities to be taken into account in the context of the overall settlement so that our client was not left solely responsible for unforeseen liabilities.

Our team put in every effort to ensure that our client not only had a favourable result in the immediate dispute but also that he would not experience any unfair penalty in the future for the way the assets were distributed. 

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