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Peace of Mind and Protecting Wealth with a Binding Financial Agreement

Nicholas Pastro

Our team at JPLegal were consulted by a young couple who had been living together for two years and were intending to marry. This meeting allowed our client, the wife, to discuss with us her concerns about her assets in the future.

She had previously received a large inheritance and owned a beach house that had been held in her family for 25 years. She was concerned about compromising her inherited wealth in the event of the marriage breaking down irretrievably.  

We advised our client to enter into a Binding Financial Agreement to protect her wealth and included a clause to deal with any joint property accumulated by the parties during the course of their marriage. Our client proceeded in having the Agreement drawn up and we obtained her partner’s consent to sign off.  

Although our client never intended to rely on the Agreement, she appreciated the relationship insurance that the Agreement provided. This service was able to provide peace of mind for our client moving into the future, knowing that she was protected. 

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