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Mediation and Settlement for Support Payments

Nicholas Pastro

Our client had been married to her husband for over 20 years and together they had a 19 year old daughter who had significant health issues requiring ongoing specialist medical care.

After separating, it became clear that our client would continue to be the primary carer of her daughter and thus this would impact her earning capacity. The husband on the other hand was employed in a managerial role in a successful business earning significantly more than the wife.

The husband was refusing to pay ongoing support to the wife on the basis that their daughter was of an adult age and that therefore he did not have any financial responsibility. 

At mediation, we were successful in obtaining a settlement whereby our client received 75% of the net asset pool and orders for adult child maintenance to be paid to the wife to assist her in caring for their daughter.

This outcome provided our client with the support that she needed for her and her daughter’s future. 

A Stressless Settlement Welcomed by Both Parties
Divorce Dispute

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