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The four steps of Family Law

Many people assume upon the breakdown of a marriage or de-facto relationship that a person will lose half of their net worth. This is not automatically the case. Guided by the Family Law Act and various case law, family lawyers assess the facts and circumstances of each respective client’s relationship on their merits and by way of a four step process to enable them to provide professional advice.

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“When I’m Sixty Four”

Some of you may recall the Beatles song titled “When I’m Sixty Four” which was released on 1 June 1967. The song is sung by a young man to his partner, and is about his plans of growing old together. It was one of the first songs written by Paul McCartney when he was aged just 16 years old.

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Your Off The Plan Purchase And Finances

Purchasing a home off the plan can be advantageous in terms of the savings on stamp duty. It is possible to purchase your home at a price generally less than market value and have sufficient time to save additional funds after having entered the contract.

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